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    Default How many outfits per size? how to dress babies in the tropics?

    Just wondering how many outfits you had for your babies? So far I got 3 x 0000 short sleeve bodysuits from Best and Less and 3x 0000 short sleeve body suits from Big W which seem to be slightly larger than the Best and Less ones.

    I have one coles bag of hand me downs in different sizes too. But i have no idea how many clothes to shop for.

    I'd like to stock up and buy at better prices if possible. I know some people will say just wait till bubs is born and people give you heaps. We don't have a large family/group of friends here, new to the area.

    Also I am living in Far North Queensland but I am from Europe, so i have no idea how to dress bubs who is due late March.

    Is swaddling in muslin going to keep bub warm at night or is it better in flanellette, brushed cotton?
    thanks heaps

    first time mum not a clue what to do

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    I'm in Darwin and it's so hot at this time year. Ds was born Dec and lived in singlet and nappies. DSS is 7m an lives in singlet and a nappy. Often not even a singlet. If he wears a onsie it's one without sleeves. Nighttime he wears a short sleeved onsie and a gro bag 0.5 tog. Air con is on 26- 27 degrees mainly to get humidity down. The less clothes the better for these wet season babies!
    Sorry just saw your due in march. Onsies with tights. Sometimes it's cooler in the mornings. You can just take tights off. Don't buy heaps of 0000. DS fit them for a week. DSS straight in to 000.

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    It's pretty warm in Perth at the moment (it seemed to jump straight from winter to summer this year with no grace period!) but baby clothing is pretty customisable, you can add a singlet or tights/socks if they're cold. Also SIL gave us some stretch cotton wraps from Kmart that we love because we can wrap her up tight without overheating her and they're nice and soft too.

    I bought 2 00000 suits just in case but predominantly bought 0000 & 000 suits, but DD was 3 weeks early & tiny so my best friend & sister bought her some more 00000 suits because she's so little and won't fit the bigger ones for a while yet! You can probably hazard a guess as to how big your bub will be, but I would get just a couple in a few sizes because you never know! Then once bub comes people will buy you clothes in whatever size you'll need.

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    OP I know what you mean about not expecting a lot of gifts/hand-me-downs because I am also from overseas and our small circle of friends here does not include a lot of babies. However, I feel like we have still gotten lots from people so at this point I would say you shouldn't buy any more and just wait to see what comes in the door! Friends there will end up buying you stuff. Family in Europe will end up mailing you stuff. And even random strangers you meet in various contexts will give you bagfuls of clothes. You can always pick up a lot of clothing on gumtree or grab a few things from an op shop in your last week or two before your due date. And in worst case scenario you send someone out to buy a couple grosuits from target or whatever after the baby is born.

    If you feel like you want to baby clothes shop start looking for "end of season" sales for clothes that will fit baby a year from now. There is a lot more fit flexibility in "6 months old" sizes than in 0000.

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    OP I totally understand where you are coming from, since I am from overseas too, and dont have any family and only a few friends here. But for us it is a bit different, we have some traditions that we have to follow ( my MIL will make me follow). I am due in 7 weeks, and my inlaws are arriving soon. Our tradition is that for the first 40 days, bub wears hand me downs, since we dont have anyone here to give me hand me downs, My SIL's are sending their son's old clothes, and my sister is sending her daughter's clothes as well.

    We have bought some clothes here, (we told MIL that they are hand me downs from a friend). Basically, the list is as follows for a summer baby

    2x 0000 full sleeves body suits
    2x 0000 without sleeves body suits
    5-6 x 000 singlets
    5x 000 full sleeves body suits
    5x 000 without sleeves body suits
    5 x 00 full sleeves body suits
    5x 00 without sleeves body suits
    3 wraps from k mart
    Loads of chuck rags
    3 bassinet sheet sets
    5 cot sheet sets
    3 change mat covers

    This is the stuff I bought, plus I will be getting some hand me downs from family( although only a little, baggage restrictions apply). Also, my bub will be in old style cloth nappies during the day( another tradition) so, I will need more clothes coz everything will get wet more often. My mum will be coming in march, so I have asked her to get me some winter clothes for bub. Baby clothes are so much cheaper in India, plus bub has lots of grannies up there to hand knit him some winter stuff.


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