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    Unhappy Pretty upset about GD

    So last week I was told that I have GD, after ringing the hospital with my levels this morning (I have not seen the dietician yet) they said that they want to put me on insulin. I am devastated. All I can think is that it is my fault for being overweight and old (40). I am 29 w 4d and have had a reasonably good pregnancy. My fundal measurement is always right on, I also have put on absolutely no weight. In actual fact I am lighter now then what I as at the beginning of this pregnancy. So I found it very distressing that this has happened. When they rang me back this morning I had to swallow back tears as I as with a client, but now I just want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. I am embarrassed and ashamed about this. I know that is irrational but I can't help it.

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    Hugs its hard not to feel hugely guilty about GDM but it comes down to your metabolic makeup.

    I started my pregnsncy at 49kg and only gained 7.5kg. I was very active and ate incredibly strict diet. I still got GDM.

    Mine was diet controlled easily and I went on to have a healthy 7pd 8 baby girl at home.

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    I too had GD, and I was 24 when I had my first, and was within a healthy weight range for my size.
    The first time I had sky high results, and they told me I probably needed insulin, but once I saw the dietician, much to the surprise of her and my doctor, I managed to keep it diet controlled.
    I would ask your doc, if they can give you 2 weeks and see if you can control with diet.
    Third time round, I got GD again, and was not able to control it with diet. I had to take the tablets, and was hardly able to control it with that too.
    Don't get down about it, stress only makes things worse.
    All my GD babies were in the 7pound range too.

    Both times the GD went away after birth, but I try to keep a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise, to try and reduce my risk of getting later in life.

    Good luck xx

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    Please don't cry it's ok, everything will be ok x
    I've got diabetes and have been on insulin since the start of this pregnancy and I'm so scared about what will happen as my first I didn't have diabetes. So big unknown. Don't feel like a failure, there is so much help out there and so many people have GD and go on to deliver all ok!
    It's all just so overwhelming in the beginning but it will get better!
    Keep positive xx


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