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I second the suggestion of Glasshouse candles. They are my signature gift!! I always have one burning at home


Last year for a Kris Kringle I gave the White Christmas (one for me, one for KK). Glasshouse candles are my go-to home-warming gift for women!

I have a terrible addiction. I have tried a few other varieties - Sohum and Ecoya. I do like Ecoya's reed diffusers.

jrw6 - glad you chose the White Christmas!! It is my favourite scent out of the three!

#Mama - true about finding out what scent people like - I am opposite to you regarding scents - I don't like the vanilla/ caramel sweet smells. I don't do musk either!

My bedside go-to scent is Oahu (Glasshouse) - smells like warm bubble baths/soap/lotion. Our lounge scent varies - at the moment it is Little Black Dress. (truly a Glasshouse fanatic) Good luck with your shopping OP!