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    Default Hoping for a tummy mummy

    Hi everyone,

    We are hoping the meet a very special person who is considering being a gestational surrogate. I had a hysterectomy after the birth of our first daughter. Everything seemed to go well at the start but due to a tear in my uterus I didn't stop bleeding and needed 14 units of blood in several transfusion but in the end my husband had to make the choice to save my life and agree to a hysterectomy. When I woke intubated in ICU I couldn't stop crying as we definitely had wanted more children. We were devastated and it wasn't easy to come to terms with our situation, well, I never did. We were lucky enough to meet a lovely lady who wanted to be our surrogate but then pulled out due to personal reasons the day before our flight to the clinic after already having gone through psychological counselling. It was the end of the world for me after so much pain and hope we had gone through. I never thought we would have any more children, it was a very emotional time I'd never wish on anyone.

    To cut a long story short, I would have never imagined to meet someone so generous and loving as our surrogate who gave birth to our gorgeous girl who will be four in a few weeks time. We had the most amazing journey together and everyone was sad when it ended with the birth of our little princess. We shared so many wonderful experiences and I will never forget what she has gone through to give us our baby. We have a very special relationship and catch up several times a year as we live in different states. But I never felt like I missed out on anything during the pregnancy as we were so close with emails, photos and nausea updates.

    I know we're incredibly lucky to have our two beautiful girls and I couldn't imagine life without them. But I just love being a mummy and I'm sooo clucky. The desire to have more children is stronger than ever, I would give anything to have another baby! Our family doesn't feel complete, there is a big void in my heart and every time a friend announces they're having a baby the pain is almost unbearable. We still have 8 embryoes on ice from our first surrogacy journey and would love to support our surrogate in every way possible.

    Sorry for the long essay...


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    I sent u a private message Trish but I'm not sure if u got it.. Doesn't appear in my sent items

    32 Yr Old Single Mum of 3 on the Gold Coast.. Egg Donor & Considering Surrogacy!


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