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    My story almost matches u, my son was born at 36 weeks a tiny 5lb, dr's were expecting at least a 7lb, was on insulin from 29 weeks!

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    I know, it's ridiculous!
    I'm no Doctor but I honestly believe that the understanding of GD is minimal!

    Before I started the insulin, I only had 5 high morning readings out of the past 25 days and three of those had a reason for being high (I was away for work for 4 days and I ate a buffet breakfast each morning, and enjoyed it).

    My argument was, if I had only had two high readings out of 25, why do I need insulin? Couldn't that potentially make my readings too low on up to 23 occasions?

    They still made me do it!

    AND did you know that if your readings do go extremely low overnight, you may not have enough energy to get out of bed or you could have a "hypo".

    Also, you need to go and have another GT at 6 weeks and I have not had the opportunity to do that yet!

    I live in my own and have an 8 weeks old baby!

    To be up, ready, fasting and at a pathology with a demanding newborn is not as easy as they think!

    Sorry about the negativity but I hated every moment of having Gestational Diabetes and I feel for anyone who has to go through it!

    I will say though, and contradict myself but it is not that bad, I just felt ripped off! I'm a fit, athletic person and was a light smoker! I found out I was pregnant and quit smoking immediately, stopped my weekend wines, worked out every day and then get told that I have to eat crap food, odd portions, quit sugar and have an eating time table.

    I also felt that the Diabetes Service were a "business" that we're happy to push you in to having insulin because they get a cut out of it!!!!!

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    ^ totally agree
    They kept making me have appointments with the educator every 2 weeks (even though I felt I didn't need it) and charged like $200 - thanks to IVF I was over the threshold and only paid like $20

    The only positive for me was that if I wasn't GD I would've ate way more junk food! Especially at work where it was convenient - salad/tuna rolls replaced McDonald's - I only put on 6-10kg throughout my pregnancy

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    @Cevapa: lucky you. Only $20 per session. My ob sent me to private dietitian. However, i wasnt seen by the dietician who he recommended but her associate. It cost a bomb with little rebate from priv insurance.

    I felt like she didn't seem to have much experience with GD. Again, I am complaining about the 1 hr post meal test. Even insulin didn't lower my breakfast value much. If i have done the test 2 hrs post breakfast, it would have fallen into the normal range most of the time. My fasting has always been good. In a way, i feel like my GD was under controlled with the diet alone. I wasn't eating much in the end. I was put on insulin at 36w. Induced at 38w+. I actually got hypo once after dinner. I had to eat a yogurt and something to top it up.

    Guess what? My family has a history of diabetes (not direct family) so i test my glucose (fasting and random) every year. It has always been normal. The pregnancy just threw me off with me starting the steroid at the beginning.

    Yes, the 6w/8w post birth check is difficult. The person who took my blood only labeled the test tube with the fasting blood and forgot to label the rest in the same bag. The lab didn't want to process it and asked me to redo!!! I ended up redoing it at 12w or so. I didn't quite know how to interpret the GTT result because fasting is again normal. The post 2 hrs test is elevated. It isn't diabetes and it isn't really pre-diabetes either. My Ob wanted to refer me to a proper diabetes educator but was told that the result is OK, i just need to redo the test in a year. It might just mean that my body can't process sugar effective enough.

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