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    Default 3rd labour/birth (3x spontaneous)

    not yet pregnant but dh and i are talking about #3.

    wondering how peoples 3rd labour was in comparison to the other 2.
    preferably opinions from those who have had 3 spontaneous labours.
    was your 3rd labour quicker than first 2 labours or was it the odd ball labour?

    ds1 labour started at 37+3 with slow leak at about 10:30am which was just like a slow leaking tap and i wasnt sure it was my waters or just discharge. rang hospital to tell them and let them know i was going to be coming in after dh finished work just to check it out. waters broke at home at 4:30pm and rang dh to take to hospital. did not start to have contractions til about 10:30pm and ds was born at 1:59am at 37+4.

    ds2 labour started at 39+5 with contractions starting just before 7pm(like 5mins before) got to hospital at 10pm after picking my mum up to look after ds1. contractions were about 3-3.5mins apart when i arrived at hospital.
    waters broke 8 mins before ds2 was born, he was born at 12:18am at 39+6.

    the thing that is worrying me with a 3rd labour/birth is if the labour starts like ds1 with waters breaking but goes quickly like ds2 and baby is born in under 10mins of water breaking.

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    6 births here all very different. I have no pattern when it comes to time, pain strength, size of baby etc...

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    Dd1 started having mild cramps but enough to be uncomfortable. Within 5 minutes they were unbearable and coming 3 mins apart. Got to hospital 30 mins later and was 5cm dilated. Given epidural to try to bring sky high bp down (had pre-eclampsia), or in case of c-section. Slowed contractions down for a bit but dd1 was born 7 hours after the first pain. Waters broke as they wheeled me into the hospital. She was born 39 weeks and 7lb 7oz

    Dd2 started having excruciating pains so walked to hospital to be monitored. Was told if I was in labour it would be a long time before anything really happened. Midwife was about to do internal when my waters broke. She sent me across the road to the cafe, was there less than 20 mins and started feeling the need to push so went back to hospital and she was born 15 minutes later (2 hours after first pain). She was 38+4 weeks and 6lb 3oz

    Dd3 I noticed my plug had come away after DH and I DTD. No pain though (just felt like we had over done it). My waters broke with my first contraction and she was born 30 minutes later!! She was 38+1 weeks and 6lb 14oz

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    I had my 3rd on DD. Previous were: 37 & 39 weeks. Mine got later, labour for 1&2 were about 3hrs each and 3rd was just 10mins. All spontaneous

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    I've had 3 spontaneous labours. My third was the quickest.

    With my third:

    - I was overdue (#1 was overdue, #2 was early)

    - I had days of contractions starting and stopping before the real thing. It drove me crazy! (my midwife said this is common with #3)

    - When labour finally started, it was the quickest of the three, 3 hours of active labour, I think? (First was 16, Second was 6)

    - Labour was harder/Pain felt worse than with #2 but I knew it would probably be over sooner, so that helped get me through.

    - She literally came out in one push (whereas I pushed for what felt like ages with my other two)

    - I had ARM with all three.


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