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    I would so love a "village"... with 2 little sick boys I would love some family nearby to help out!

    To those who have THAT "village" -- treasure & embrace it...xxx

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    I DID need help up until my son was 3 months old. He was very fussy wouldn't sleep unless it was in someone's arms and woke every 2 hours. So yes I did need my sister in laws holding my son for a few hours whole I got the rare sleep and was crossing into the PND line. My son is 6 months now and my mum has only started coming once a week to see him and let me tell you I look forward to those 2 hours in A WEEK to do something for myself.

    The way you worded your post is horrible. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Please don't belittle our 24/7 job.

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    I am a very very capable mother, i raise 5 kids (the youngest being twins) virtually on my own, my husband is completely useless (except for financial support and a bit of fun every now and then haha) and he is quite hard work to have around often as well. We often have people staying with us who don't help while they are here, I manage to keep my house hygienic and clean (not necessarily tidy), I cook meals from scratch as nutrition is important to me. I don't get all the clean washing put away. I study part time. I socialise a bit. I'm really not needy, my hubby goes away a lot, and people are completely taken back that I 'allow' him to, leaving me on my own with the kids (again).

    I don't have help, our families live interstate. I have lovely friends who offer help a lot but I am too proud to say yes. So I guess I have survived all these years without help, so I guess I don't *need* it?

    But realistically I think me and my kids would be much better off if we did have help. There would be less stress, I'd have more time with them one-on-one, I could reconnect with the two older ones again, I feel I miss a lot of time with them coz the younger ones keep me busy.

    So basically I think the word 'need' is so hard to define. I get sh!t done on my own, my family is functioning, my kids are fed, clean etc. But to be perfectly honest, we would be much happier with a bit of help, a lot less stressed etc.

    Well done OP, for not 'needing' help. I think your post was a little insensitive though. A lot of people don't 'need' it, but recognise they and their families are happier with it.

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    No, I don't think I need it, I certainly don't get it (lol) but on occasion it might be nice I guess!
    However it does irk me when I see people taking advantage of their parents etc just because they're a bit slack or apparently have better things to do. I think if you do have help you damn well better appreciate what you have!


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