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    Thanks ladies, it was only that tiny spot when I woke up and no more.

    I probably sound extremely dismissive. Like I don't care, but honestly the hospital have made me really question my own instinct so much lately. Now I feel like I just overreact lately.

    Ive had a horribly stressful pregnancy, not due to bub but everything around me falling apart. Plus DF is so far away most of the time, and not on a roster so basically just packs up and leaves at a few days notice and Im trying to hold mine and DS's life together at home, on my own, working full time!

    Im still holding on to hope that there is time left to actually enjoy this pregnancy!

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    For a larger type bleed I would always call a midwife or your GP. I've had 7 bleeds in this pregnancy (none in previous pregnancy at all), all late 2nd and 3rd trimester and I've called the midwife twice for the larger bleeds. I've never had to go up to the hospital but I did have to see my GP/OB the following day and I got antibiotics to take as I most likely have an irritable cervix (and a low-lying placenta which doesn't help matters).


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