Hi guys, I have a 14 month old she is my 3rd baby. When on cows milk or cows milk formula she has very soft, not runny, white-ish poo. Very smelly and incredibly burny. I am normaly very good at keeping the burnt bum at bay even when teething, but if I dont catch her quickly for a change she even bleeds a little from the burnt area. My son who was dairy allergic never had a burny bum like this.

I still breast feed her once before bed at night, but I would like to stop now. I would never stop until I find an alternative her tummy is happy with. So far I have tried normal A2 milk, Organic non homoganised milk, homemade almond cashew and coconut milk and Bellamy's Organic. We are on a CLean eating whole food diet so I need what ever we use to be as Natural as possible.

PS. I am unable to find Goats milk and I am affraid that if I do it will cost me an arm and a leg.