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    I was referred initially to dr Kan and he was definitely uninterested and all of my procedures he never ended up doing as he was busy elsewhere aside from the transfer that was canceled due to OHSS. However all the nurses I have dealt with and other FS have been fantastic and if transfers/tests have fallen on the weekend that's when it was done. I'm sorry to hear you had such a horrid experience with IVFA Tania33 but for us other than the initial appointment with Dr Kan I couldn't speak highly enough of them. Perhaps getting a referral for a different FS is the best thing to do.

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    Default Dr kan is amazing!!

    Hello girls
    I was looking for dr kans details for a gf and come across some negative comments about him

    I seen a few Drs before dr KAN and my experience was fantastic!!! He is amazing-never ran late(and if so I would be fine with it as not is he only busy but sometimes Syd traffic is crazy), explained everything I was to go through, held my hand through every process and was just so warm!!!!
    My gfs have also used dr KAN and they felt the same
    I honestly can't believe the negative comments about him ESP as I have had several dealings with him! And it's not because he made my beautiful boy happen just my entire experience with this warm gentle man!
    He is amazing and my gfs think the same!!


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