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    Default Weaning from dummy at 11 months old

    I've got 11 month old twin boys. One had always been a more difficult sleeper. Thing have improved a lot to the point where we don't have 3 hour screaming matches each night and no night feeds but they still wake on average a couple of times a night. Dh feels it because the have dummies (our 3 year old never had one). Dh wants to wean them from it but I'm unsure. Not sure if this is a good age to do it and also I'm scared if things getting worse again. Between the 3 kids we are generally up 3-5 times a night, but some nights they sleep well and only the more difficult twin wakes. Do we wean? Or just the difficult one, not the better sleeper ? They are all in their own rooms.

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    My 6 month old has a dummy to sleep and I often have to get up in the night to pop it in her mouth as she is kind of reliant on it to settle herself. I think it would be easier if she learnt to settle without it but like OP I'm not sure if trying to take it away at 6months is going to cause more of a problem.


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