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    Default just teething or something else?

    dd never had teething problems. We were very lucky as i am now fidning out!
    When DS was cutting his first tooth he also got an ear and chest infection at the same time and put on anti biotics. Then his tooth came through.
    When he was getting his second tooth (which i just thought it might be a cold ) except he had 38.5 temp so took him to GP. Again, he was put on anti biotics because he had a chest infection and conjunctive itis?!?!?! The next day the tooth came through.

    He is now off his milk taking food but fussy, wanting to sleep alot more, grizzly, wont let me leave his sight, chewing on his rubber tipped sipper cup like mad and all of a sudden screaming as if something has hurt him - but i cant seem to see what? His nose wont stop running and he's had a bit of a temp and ive been giving him panadol the last 2 days. I wasnt going take him to GP because i know these are clear teething signs but knowing my DS, he probably also has something else and needs anti biotics again
    We have a big weekend coming up and i just want him to be ok.
    Is this normal to come down will an illness evrytime a tooth is coming through? Ive ever been through such hell!!!! Poor DS has really copped the **** end of the stick!

    Also, which tooth comes up next after the bottom two?

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    Some kids definitely suffer more than others, I remember my nephew would get everything under the sun when he would get teeth and high temps... but my ds got nothing ever. With relation to which teeth come out in order, sometimes it can vary.. usually bottom two come out first then top two... but with my dd she got bottom two then top four... with ds2 he got bottom two and top two are missing but the ones on either side have come out so he looks a bit like a Dracula. lol. Your ds sounds like it's teeth, but with your event coming up it probably won't hurt to get him checked out just in case.


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