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    Default Tales of an active toddler

    My DS is 16 months old, very busy and on the go for all of his waking hours. Luckily he is a great sleeper (not surprising with the amount of energy he must burn!).
    Over the past few weeks, we've had two major struggles- nappy changing/getting dressed causing hysterics; and general refusal to sit in the high chair to eat.

    I've been reading up on these things in a couple of books, and it seems typical and not unusual at this age.

    However, we've tried a few things (not using the change table, using the booster seat instead of the high chair), and have not had much success.
    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for dealing with these two types of 'battles'?
    Thanks in advance!!

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    You are right, your toddlers behabiour is very normal (and healthy!)

    Try giving your toddler an option Eg "do you want to sit in the high chair or the booster chair"? Give them a choice.. this lets them have excersize some independence while still getting to the point you need to be. Do you have a kids table & chairs? Now might be a good time to get one if you've been thinking about it. You can also try 'picnics' on the floor for some meals (best for snacks / lunches). Choose your battles. I feel that family dinners at the table together are a must, but during the day I am morr flexible and let ds decide.

    In regards to nappy change.. try singing, turning it into a game, role playing with teddies / dolls, letting toddler choose a toy to hold when changing. When all else fails just have everything next to you ready to go and do the made dash to get it done as quickly as you can!

    Good luck

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