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    Default Super anxious and tense all the time

    Just wondering if anyone had any advice. I've got 9 week old twins (3 weeks corrected) and the past week I have felt super anxious and tense all the time. My babies are just behaving normally with the crying etc but I can't get myself to relax. I've also lost my appetite and feel sick constantly

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    maybe you have pnd? or you would be really tired, it's a lot of work with twins.. and need some ''you '' time. hugs.

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    I have been feeling like this since the birth of my fourth. It might be a bit different because I feel anxious about something in particular a lot of the time but other times I just feel anxious for no reason, like a big burst of nervous energy.
    It is definitely worse when I am tired, I'm guessing you wouldn't be getting a great deal of quality sleep? Sometimes it helps when I have that sense of impending doom to tell myself that I am just tired and that's all. Similarly when I get that feeling I tell myself that it is just my anxiety, it's not a gut feeling or instinct that something is going to happen, it's the anxiety talking.
    A lot of the time to I have noticed that when that feeling comes on I am subconsciously holding my breath so I concentrating on breathing for a bit, this also takes my mind of it. I breath in through my nose for 5 seconds and out through my mouth for 7 seconds.
    As I mentioned my anxiety is focused on something, I found another forum all about this, I didn't post I just read for a while but it helped to know that a lot of other people have the same thing and also reinforced that my fears are from my anxiety.
    If you have a good MC&H nurse mention it to them at your next visit, mine was really helpful and referred me to a postnatal mental health team (which I am yet to hear from). I also went to my GP after having some panic attacks, he prescribed me medication but I am still breastfeeding so can't take it yet. I feel I have been managing okay since talking to my maternal nurse though so I may yet avoid the need to have to take it hopefully.
    The maternal nurse also told me to get outside, just go for a walk and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I thought this was a bit silly but I actually find it helps so if you can pop your twins in the pram and do this I recommend it.
    That's all I can think of for now, it doesn't seem like much but it's what has been helping me. I hope it eases for you soon, it's really not a nice feeling

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    I get like that when I need sleep hon. I suggest a phone call to someone that can help with the babies every now and again so you can sleep. I have to admit I was also very nervous with my first, I dont know if it is your first, if it is know that it will get better. The baby stage (dont cry) does not last forever, just before you die of exhaustion or lose your mind completely they start sleeping better, eating better and needing less burping and less nappy changing. This will get better, and you will have a life...take care of yourself, that is the best gift you can give your babies.

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    how are you going muppet? did you see your GP? xx


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