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    Quote Originally Posted by OurLittleBlessing View Post
    I've just been thinking about this more, and I wonder if they are stuck in a negative mind-set which is making the problem worse.

    My DD2 does this, and I found that once I started working on her mindset rather than whatever the fuss was about, she automatically started becoming more receptive to things.

    Does that make any sense at all lol??? I guess what I'm wondering is - if you make a rule that for 1 week they had to sit at the table and not say anything negative (or even make any negative faces), then they might get a small reward of some sort. During that time I wouldn't even pass comment on whether they eat any vegies or not. Make it only about having a positive attitude at dinner time....

    Might be a silly idea, but that sort of stuff works well for my DD2.
    No, not a silly idea at all. I actually tried this afew weeks ago. I had a tick chart, it was for all kinds of positive behaviours that I would tick off randomly, but one of them was not making negative comments at dinner. It worked for a week or two, just on the commenting, but not on the fussiness. We've slacked off on it now but they still will sometimes correct each other if one says "eeeeww" one of the others will say "don't say that, that's rude".

    Anyway.... I just really had to pop in quickly to say MY KIDS ATE VEGETABLES TONIGHT!!!! I have no doubt it was a one-off, but at least I know it's a recipe they somewhat eat. The older 2 said they liked it (though I think their like for it wore off towards the end), and ate a small bowlful with a bit of encouragement. The younger one ate half a small bowlful with a LOT of encouragement, but OMG it's the most veggies I've seen them eat since they were babies.
    The recipe was the one I posted in my second post, this one. http://www.notquitenigella.com/2013/...er-fried-rice/ And I must say, it was absolutely delicious, I really didn't think it was going to taste so good! I told them that it was "pretend rice" and that it was "all vegetables", then at the end I told them it was cauliflower. I would highly recommend this recipe!

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    I know this doesn't help with getting them to eat vegies, but if it's any consolation I was an extremely fussy hold and my parents did give in to that. My meals always consisted of whatever protein they were having, plus mashed potato with vegemite mixed through (only way I'd eat it, a slice of cheese, salts as, dried apricots and cut up apple). I started eating more in my mid-teens, and i now eat pretty much anything (except mushrooms!!) I am also a healthy weight and rarely get sick.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's great that you're trying everything to get them to eat their vegies, but if they don't it is not the end of the world. Hopefully they'll cone to appreciate them in their own time.


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