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    My eldest who is now 12 does not like to be touched or comforted when hurt or upset. I always felt maybe it was me and maybe I didn't comfort enough as a toddler etc but as time went on it we realised its a sensory issue. He is on the spectrum. When something happens and he gets hurt he will run to his room and want to be alone. So I just will ask how he is, is there anything I can get for him like a cold
    pack, bandaid or face washer? (sometime ill stand outside his door and ask so that he has his space)
    Then he will come and see me and show me he is hurt. The most i can do then is rub his back while empathising how it would have felt and say "you poor thing, that would have hurt so much".
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    My son cOuld very well be on the spectrum but he's 14 months old. I have seen a paediatrician who believes he is fine at this stage as there is nothing really obvious just lots of little things that I guess could be normal. He loves affection at other times as he randomly comes for cuddles.


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