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    Default Why going private is the best decision I made

    So most of the threads I read in the private v public discussion tend to focus on the birthing end of pregnancy. There is always talk about continuity of care, etc. For me, I wanted this as a safety net. I never foresaw anything going wrong with my pregnancy, and really hoped that I would never need to use my PHI as the 'safety net'. Now, for the second time this year, I have had a missed miscarriage picked up at my first ob appt. As devastating as it is, I can't imagine how much worse it would have been to continue carrying around a passed fetus for weeks on end, not knowing and becoming more attached and excited as time went on. The first was found when I should have been 10 wks and had passed approx 1 wk earlier. This time around I should have been about 8 1/2 wks and bub passed approx 2 wks before. There were no signs or symptoms of miscarriage with either. This time, my ob has offered to run some tests to see if there is anything causing it. They may show something, they may show nothing, but at least this has been offered. Will I have to pay for them? Maybe, probably. Will it give me peace of mind? I guess that depends on the outcome. What I do know, is next time I fall pregnant, I know I am in great hands, and that the paranoid pregnant lady will not be brushed aside. That if I want to see my ob (more so my baby) earlier and more often, that it won't be a problem. I don't know that I would have been lucky enough to get this kind of care through the public system. Yes I have to pay for antenatal visits, but my ob is basically no gap for appts, so the out of pocket is nearly non existent. It doesn't make my heart ache any less, but I know that whatever the outcome, I've done all I can. Sorry for the single paragraph, my enter button doesn't seem to want to work this morning.

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    Hugs Carrie, I'm sorry to hear of your losses!

    I'm glad that you have an OB who is offering the support needed.


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