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    My now 3 week old Dd measured large at a scan at 34 weeks. I got checked again for Diabetes because she was measuring over 2weeks ahead and in the 90th percentile.
    Fast forward to full term .. I went into spontaneous labour. Delivered vaginally (VBAC), no epidural, 1 1/2 hrs pushing unassisted.. Only a small graze and she was 9 pounds 8 ounces. So yes it can be done. It's amazing how much your body is capable of if we trust it. I was freaking out a little about how I would do it after that scan. But I'm assured they all hurt- even the 6pd babies. So try not to over think the physicality of it all and trust your body and baby to make it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ourbradybunch View Post
    Maybe that's a big bub compared to you? But generally that's a pretty average size bub. Good luck with your delivery x
    No, I'm almost 6ft with a fair amount if cushioning!
    Thanks for the well wishes! Only 6 days to wait, I'm so excited to meet my LO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania View Post
    Personally OP I wouldn't elect a caesarean on the grounds of a possibly big bub. I would start researching the best birthing positions to birth a larger bub and natural ways to deal with pain throughout labor so you can avoid any drugs that may hinder your ability to birth actively I had an emergency caesarean for my first, it was a failed induction and he was just simply stuck. He was 9lb10. DD was born naturally 16 months later and she weighed in at 9lb8.5oz so very similar in size however DD's head was bigger... My point is I couldn't birth my first bub because of all the interventions however, avoiding any unnecessary interventions from the hospital meant I birthed my daughter safely and naturally. I also belive OP that with a decision like this a lot depends on how important the birthing experience is to you. For some it is incredibly important however others are happy to go with the flow and don't get upset by it, explore whats important to you
    ^ This!

    OP, You've had such a range of responses, you are probably even more uncertain than you were before.

    I've had a shoulder dystocia (DD2 was 9lb 15oz) but I put that down to the crappy labour I had. My next baby was 11lb and I birthed him as easily as I birthed my 7lb 3oz baby. While no-one suggested c-section to me, there were lots of warnings about recurring shoulder dystocia. I learnt alot about how I birth from my shoulder dystocia birth so when it came to my 3rd birth, I was very particular about how it was all going to happen. I replicated DD1's birth and it happened the same. I've since had another baby and she was 9lb 5oz, so not HUGE but bigger than average -- no problems.

    I agree with all Theo has said. I think the best advice to give is for you to consider what is most important to you then research all you can to arm yourself with information. Unless there is some kind of medical issue, it is unlikely that your body will grow a baby bigger than you are able to birth. It comes down to how much faith you have in your body and the birthing process.

    Good luck with everything. Whatever it is you choose to do, I hope it all goes well.

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    I agree, read and work out what suits you best.

    I was told ds would be huge (estimated 3.2 kgs at 36weeks). I had high blood pressure, so we booked an induction for the evening of 38+5.

    1 am, 38+5, my waters broke. Ds wasnt engaged, they couldn't even find my cervix for the first few internals.
    I was given cintocin to help, a contractions weren't really regular or consistent. He was born via csect at 38+6, mid morning weighing 4.080kgs or 9lbs.

    I just went with the flow, he was my first so I was petrified of a csect!

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