Hi all,

My almost 17 months old daughter is co-sleeping with us and still wakes up 4 times every night for her bottles. We tried the cry it out method couple of months ago and it did not work, the setting back then was her cot is in our room.
We moved to Melbourne a month ago and haven't purchase a bed for her. I need some suggestions, do you think is it better for me to get a cot/bed for my DD? She'll outgrow her cot very soon but if we get her a bed right away i'm pretty sure she will climb down from her bed and bang the door or throw tantrums especially when we are sleep training her.

The next issue is her milk intakes at nights, she takes 4x 120ml every night and I don't know how to wean her! Tried soothing her by patting, rocking, etc and still she will cry for her milk. If i give her the bottle she will sleep right away, but if not, say hello to sleepless nights for all of us! She will throw a tantrum, the screaming, kicking, and she will even scratch her face out of desperation.

Should i try to wean her from bottles first then deal with sleep training (+move her to sleep to other room) after that? Or that both can be done at the same time?

We are scheduled to see the MCH nurse for the first time next month, and will tell her about this problems, but in the meantime, pleaaseeee help us! any suggestions would be nice.