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    Default Question for other egg donors

    Hi! I have finished a round of IVF for some friends and unfortunately for them it was unsuccessful. I have offered to do another round and they have accepted my offer. I'm just wondering about other donor experiences. How did you decide to stop? When I did the counselling sessions the counsellor said that most recipients only expected the donor to do one round. I couldn't just do the one but i'm wondering how you make the decision that enough is enough or does the IVF clinic decide for you? I'm a little sad/scared that my recipients will not have any babies

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    This is a common thought most donors have at one point or another. My first cycle was unsuccessful (ips decided their journey was finished) and my second ips unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks. I too decided (after much advice from the fertility specialist) to cycle for them again in January. (I am currently due for epu for cycle 3 tomorrow) for me I guess I had to come to terms with the fact that as donors we offer the gift of hope not a baby and I feel that as long as I can continue to offer that hope then I will continue to donate.

    If you want to chat further feel free to pm me.


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