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    Default TTC with FIFO partners

    Hi Fellow Bub Huber's. I have been contemplating positing on this site as its got to a point where I would like to speak to people that are in the same boat as Me and my Fiancé. I'm almost 23 and my Fiancé is 25 We have been together 5 years and have just had our own house built, So we are nice and settled, We have also both wanted to be Parents for a long time. I went on the Pill when i was 17 as this is when I met my Partner (Now Fiancé) As I was hopeless at remembering to take my pill & at the time we didn't want a baby, my doctor advised me to go on 'Depo Provera' In 2010 as I trusted my Doctor We decided it was a good option But I never got told about the negatives once stopping the injections or how long it would take for my body to get back to 'Normal'. I was on Depo for a year. I stopped the Depo shots because a girlfriend had mentioned how awful it was once she stopped the injections to try and fall pregnant. Me and my Fiancé decided that we were ready for a Child and would start TTC straight away. My periods took 12 months to return and When they did they were regular. I have now been having Regular periods for 8 months & have gotten positive OPKS, but as my fiancé works FIFO he has only been home 3 times around ovulation. I was really obsessing about falling pregnant and getting extremely down in the dumps when my period would turn up. How did others cope in the same situation as us? And did any of you consider doing IUI? I have been looking into it, But my Fiancé is still unsure as he seems to think 'He wouldn't of got me pregnant that way' Even though it would be his sperm. I feel it would be great especially for when I ovulate and his away at work. Sorry for such a long post. & Hopefully I can hear some other ladies experiences

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    Go to fertility seminar, apparently it's common for couple to go through fertility treatment with FIFO partners. I though that might have been our issue, with my hubby away most of the year....but ended up being with both of us having issues and had to go through IVf/ICSI. Good luck.

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    Same. Our fertility issues have nothing to do with fifo. We did ivf for years before he started fifo. Fifo now just helps rebuild the bank account after years of trestments.
    Some drs would say give iui a go straight up. I'd be more inclined (from experience) to push for full testing on you both up front before deciding on treatment protocol.
    I'd be going to seminar, or ringing and asking for packs to be sent out. Maybe even ask uour gp to put you onto free counseling.
    They say if you're trying for over 12months seek fertility advise. The catch with your situation is for 12 ovulating cycles for him to be home can take a few years.
    hang in there hun, I know its tough.

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    We went through TTC our first bub and hubby working FIFO. It was tough as I would get upset if he didn't end up being home for ovulation. A few people suggested going back on the pill for a short time to try and change my cycles so it could match up with when he was home but I decided against this.

    His roster changed a lot so he ended up being home more than I thought he would.

    However we ended up going down the road of IVF as we hadn't conceived after 12 months and had numerous tests done by GP and then by FS. We were classed as unexplained infertility as they couldn't actually find a problem.

    Going through IVF while he worked FIFO was a lot harder than TTC while he worked away. Not having him there for all the appointments, having to inject myself with needles etc..

    Personally I would not want to go down the road of fertility treatment unless it was actually needed (not just because hubby wasn't home at ovulation) as its emotionally draining and expensive.

    If it will put your mind at ease-have some tests done and go from there. Good luck x

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    We conceived our 4th while hubby is working FIFO (2 weeks on, 1 week off). It took a few months because I always ovulated while he was away. And when he was home he never felt like doing anything anyway so we only DTD maybe once or twice the whole week.

    The cycle we fell pregnant, I wasn't meant to ovulate until after he'd gone back to work. We went on a weekend away and I must have ovulated early, along with being so relaxed, and bam!

    I agree with pp- I wouldn't go down the fertility treatment path unless absolutely necessary. It may take a while but providing there are no underlying fertility issues, there's no reason why u can't fall pregnant naturally.

    I found with all our kids that the more we want to fall pregnant, the more we think about it and put pressure on ourselves, the longer it takes. As soon as we relax and take the if it happens it happens approach and just have fun with each other, it happens almost straight away.


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