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    Hey all. I have twins who are 8 weeks old and seems to have developed reflux in the last week. Is it worth changing formulas or going for one that is reflux specific. I've got the mattresses propped up and giving gavascon in feed in dr browns bottles. Any advice would be great x

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    My now 10 week old also developed reflux at about 6-7 week mark. the doctor suggested; elevating the bed s much as you can with out baby rolling/sliding down (we now have 3 Harry potter books propping up the head and a rolled up towel tucked into the bottom of the mattress to create a ledge for her butt to stop her sliding.
    Keep baby up right for 1 hour after every feed. I use this like a swing/bouncer that have an adjustable seat to put baby into a seated position.
    I have even elevated her change table at one end.

    Check out the RISA Reflux Infant Support Association web site. This link is to tips to help manage a baby with reflux - http://www.reflux.org.au/management-tips/ they have forums and lots of helpful information and support groups.
    It is really hard to manage a baby with reflux. be kind to yourself!
    If it continues talk to a doctor as it could be to do with formula.
    I hope that helps.

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    DD3 who is now 8 weeks seemed to be puking quite a lot since birth. She was originally breastfed, but as of 7 weeks I decided to FF her full time. When I was mix feeding her she would only puke up on the breast milk. She was on Karicare Gold + and she puked a bit on that too (though not as much as BM). I have since swapped to her S26 AR, which is designed for reflux. I have used this for my eldest two daughters as they suffered the same issue.

    I also used a rolled up towel under her mattress and keep her elevated when I can.


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