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    Default How did it go second time round?

    I bf DS until around 18 months and except for the first few days in hospital he didn't have any formula. The first week was horrible though - the second night I spent 3 hrs trying to feed him/get him to latch properly before letting the middies give him a few mls of formula to settle him. He had lost a lot of weight by day 3, was totally unsettled and had lots of unrates so it was decided he would be admitted to the nursery for 3rd hrly bf, expressing and formula top ups via NG (our choice as I didn't want a bottle and they said he mightn't take all he needed via syringe). By day 5 my milk had come in and he was fully bf.
    The first few weeks still sucked a bit, he would want to feed a lot and be unsettled from 8-11 (or something, I can't remember!) and I kept wanting to give up but went one more feed etc etc. After a few weeks it was all good and we didn't really have any other issues.

    Anyway my (very long winded!!) question is was bf easier second time round? I'm going to express from prob 37 weeks to help my supply come in earlier and also to have a stockpile of colostrum if needed. One middie did say that my milk prob cane in late due to a traumatic birth so hopefully things go better in that respect this time.

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    I found my 2nd and 3rd were the easiest. My milk was in by day 3. My breasts just seemed to know what they were doing. Even with 11 years between 2 and 3. I'm on my final bub number 4 and he was my hardest. He had a mild tongue tie but I felt he made mince meat out of my nipple. So after a snip he latched perfectly and have had no issues since. What I guess I'm trying to get at is that each breast feeding experience is different. Best of luck x

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