hi everyone,

My husband and I have been TTC for a number of months. I came off my birth control at the beginning of May. Before I went on BC, I had regular cycles however have been on it for 7 years without a break. Since coming off, my cycles have been all over the place. I didn't get a period for 3 months. Then my next cycle was 49 days and I don't think I ovulated. My most recent cycle was 33 days and I think I did ovulate however not until day 27, which means my luteal phase was only 6 days.

I just don't know how long it should take for my cycle to regulate? It seems like it should only take a couple of months, however it's almost been 6 months and I am still having problems. Does anyone have any advice or similar stories? Should I go see my dr or wait a little longer? I'm trying to be patient but just feeling frustrated!

Thanks in advance!