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    Ok ladies. A few weeks on and we have the hang of it now. I'm enjoying feeding dd so much more and glad I stuck with it even though it was tempting to quite a few times (although I think that was exhaustion talking and I wished someone else could do it so I could sleep)
    Df has been amazing. He helps as much as possible when he is home. Takes her to burp after a feed, holds her while I have dinner if she is cranky etc. so I can get a break and have my arms free for at least a small while.

    I can't say I LOVE breastfeeding now. But I definitely appreciate the ease of it and have been enjoying the time together. I make an effort not to be watching tv or playing on my phone so i can just enjoy being with my little girl.

    I love the 'Anywhere anytime' approach to bf. I have found myself a few times staying out longer than I anticipated or we will have an impromptu dinner out and there is no way I could do that so easily if I had to pack her bottles - I'm not that organised.

    I am not normally one to wear low cut tops or revealing outfits so I am surprised by how little I care who sees my boobs ATM. It just became less about anyone else and more about feeding my child.

    Places I never imagined I would bf and have since proudly done so..

    The beach
    In the pool
    On a trampoline
    In the bath
    Coffee shops
    Walking through David jones
    Walking around the markets
    School assembly
    & soon - on a plane.

    So thanks for all your encouragement! For anyone in the same place I was a few weeks ago, I urge you to push through till after 6wks. It's not easy, It
    Didn't come naturally and we struggled alot- but I'm so proud i made it through the other side. : )

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    I love the anywhere any time aspect of it too OP, it makes life 1 million times easier doesn't it?


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