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    Default Emotional and bad thoughts.

    Lately ive been feeling really down. My partner is no help as ive tried talking to him. I feel as if i cant cope with having 2 children. My son is 1yr 7m and will be turning 2 when i give birth. Ds has been so sooky lately and i have no idea why. I cant tell if he is having a tantrum or crying because he wants something. Ill feed him and give him a drink, take him outside and let him water the plants and play in his sand pit but as soon as he is inside for no more then 10 minutes he just cries and screams. He also wakes up at night and just cries and doesnt go back to sleep. I never yell at him, just raise my voice a little when hes naughty but yesterday i was just so frustrated that nothing i was doing was working that i just.. Had my own tantrum. I asked my partner to watch him for 5 minutes and i went to lay on my bed and just cried. I couldnt stop thinking about how the hell am i going to do this. Ive never thought like this until now. I thought maybe it has something to do with everything going down hill the last couple of weeks but still doesnt explain my sons behaviour. Is it just a phase at his age? I just need some advice as my family isnt exactly supportive. I swear my mother thinks because she is a single parent that i to have to be a single parent with no help, just like her. I hate to say it but its like she just wants me to suffer even though i live with her. I feel like a bad parent even though i try so hard to do everything right.
    Im hoping tomorrow will be a better day as today i feel so drained

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    I'm sorry you are having a rough time Something might be bothering your ds (teething, ears maybe) which is causing him not to sleep, which would make him more irritable during the day. I used to find with my two girls that if something relatively minor was bugging them, they were ok when they were distracted and simulated(like outside) but when the distraction went, they would act up again. Maybe try giving a dose of panadol before bed and see if he sleeps better. And if it makes a difference, I would take him to the gp.

    You must both be exhausted, because I'm assuming you are awake with your ds AND coping with the pregnancy. If you can get on top of the sleep issue, everything will seem better. But if it continues, please see the gp or your mchn. If you are lacking support, they might be able to put you in touch with services. I'm sorry your mum & partner aren't helpful. Is there anyone else you can talk to, mums group friends etc? *hugs*

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