Hello, this is my first post to a forum, so I hope I get it right!
My son is just 12 months old, he is a very active baby, crawling/cruising/chatting etc etc. I take him to gymbaroo and he willingly joins in everything until this week. I laid him on his back at the start of the class and he wouldn't move, he just watched the rest of the class and didn't seem to know how to get up, he stayed there for a good few minutes, quiet and watching before I picked him up, he is usually the first to the "treasure bag" but just laid quietly as he didn't know how to get there. When we got home I laid him on our wooden floors/grass/carpet and exactly the same thing, he just goes quiet and lays there and starts to wimper a bit when he wants to move.
i took him to emergency who checked him out and said all seems fine and to bring him back if anything changes, but I just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar thing happen to their baby?
He can roll on softer surfaces (eg mattresses) but generally favours rolling to the right only. He did get a bump to the head on Saturday night, but emergency ruled out neuro issues straight away.
Thanks in advance