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    Default Newbie here and possible #1??!! Not sure if implantation bleeding or false alert???

    Hi all! Be gentle on me, I'm new!!! I'll give you all some background info.

    I live with my MM bf. We've not been together too long, and actually we've only just moved together.

    I started taking the pill when I started my last cycle on September 26th and took 4 of them I think only all sugar ones so doesn't count. Then as I was visiting my mum for the weekend 27-29, I forgot my packet up there and it took me a few days to get back to the doctor and get a new packet to start properly. I figured by the time I get some into me I'd be safe for what is my supposed fertile period. I thought my fertile phase was a week after period ending not week from it starting. So I took them for I think was Wed 2nd-Sat 5th October, then forgot my packet at my mums again - Gee I messed that up! And we have taken no other forms of contraceptive as having a baby isn't out of the question either (esp as I'm 31 now)- he always ej's not withdraws, and condoms don't work for us and the chip is out for us as we do want to try in the shorter term more than long term. From after that last time I forgot the pack I haven't used the pill again, as when I got to Mum's this weekend, it seemed things had changed for me, as you will understand. Anyway so to make it clear as some of the pills I had taken were only the sugar pills, I think the only active pills I took was 4 or 5 of them for the Wed 2-5th October. I'm normally good with pills but my life has been so back and forth lately with travelling (which is why I would have proffered to wait)

    And before any of you asked I've never charted or temped or any of this stuff so many of you seem to do, and I wouldn't know where to start with any of this, so if my upcoming is-it-or-isn't-it is a false alert, I think I might need some of you teaching me!! (MM is wanting to try in 3-6 months anyway, as I was wanting more 6-12 months, so if this is an unplanned preg we will probably just role with it). So I can't tell you any days after ovulation etc etc.

    So like I said my cycle start was September 26th so I should be starting my period again on October 24th, which now seems unlikely or at least thrown out something drastic.

    Now I've mentioned my previous two weekend stuff ups and the only active pills would have been for 2-5th October off hand. This is this weekends events (hence why I haven't taken any pills now but have been unable to or unwilling to do anything with MM anyway).

    Friday 11th October: Felt fine, was very busy preparing for BBQ party for next day. Back ached whole day through however, worse than I normally get. Although I was go go go all day and a bit stressed about hosting tomorrows party.

    Saturday 12th: Had one beer, 2 bourbons and one vodka mix over 8 hours - I am not a big drinker luckily. Had a headache come on in the evening so I stopped drinking for a while but ended the night on one drink.

    **WARNING: Some TMI upcoming**
    Sunday 13th: Gt up relatively early considering the late night. MM and me had some morning activity, which included some passing of air galore, unusual for me! And I'm talking more than one or two accidental ones. Went to visit my mum went out for lunch. Went to toilet, and wiped to find some smear very very light, just pink. Thought ok, period upcoming...but then thought "huh - I'm not due for another 10 or so days!! Then thought perhaps we went a bit to hard this morning? Went toilet again later, same thing. Oh and for about an hour after lunch I felt a little nausea, burping, and sort of regurgitated but at first I just put it down to a good sized meal after big BBQ previous day and having had too much. Urinated very frequently. Back at mums for some of the evening, I was cramping on my right side mostly but also across abdomen, and bb's started feeling tender. Still wiping smears but no underwear staining. Came back to my MM late that night and had a little trouble sleeping coz of being worried after googling so much! Back not so much a problem this day. MM complained that I seemed to be burning up overnight but I did not think I was so hot!

    Monday 14th: Was still spotting, smear in the morning again, was up early at 6.30am as MM gets up for work then. Put toilet paper on undies in case got heavier. Was extremely tired but also a little emotionally overwhelmed from what I had been reading. Went back to sleep and got up around lunchtime when noticed it had gotten heavier a bit. Also started to notice more brown dry as well as more red. But still a very light period, got through the whole day with just occasionally changing the paper on nickers (did not feel well enough to go down the road to get panty liners that's how bad I felt!!). Nausea more predominant after trying to eat breakfast, lunch, and drinking some tea! Back little sore again. Burned up again over night according to MM. I did later on start to feel on the warm side.

    Tuesday 15th: MM took day off as he was over-tired from USA relative ringing at 3am in the morning. I had trouble getting back to sleep after that as I was restless with everything on my mind and not telling him yet. He was lying his head on my bb's in bed in the morning, oh that hurt!! I took the opportunity as his day off work, as a relaxed day to tell him - now I think he is getting his hopes up!! Bleed was a little heavier over night, and we had to go out shopping for some home stuffs we wanted (another reason for sick day), so (and I know I shouldn't have just in case) I put a Tampon in, but changed frequently as we were out for a long time! Still lighter than usual for me. Duller pains now. Occasional moments of "oh am I feeling nausea?" Back was aching after 10 minutes as the sink with me washing dishes and MM drying them. Did not burn up this time at least he did not complain!

    Wednesday 16th - today. MM back at work, checking up on me. Telling me to relax, lol. Dullish aches still in right not so much the abdomen yet. Haven't really eaten only a yogurt and tea so now sure how I am yet. Not requiring more than a pad or toilet paper again, but not down to spotting but I think I will be before today is out as the one has done me all morning.

    Re the bleed I was starting to think well as if after a 17 day cycle, it would not be very heavy! But I can't be sure either as I'm surprised that I was getting so many symptoms of nausea and regurgitating, sore bb's, flatulence, back pain (on a few of those days!), tiredness, burning up, frequent urination (only on first day symptoms) and headache (not unusual for me though as I suffer from migraines). And the weirdest thing for me after always having my cycles like clockwork from what I know (not that I track it) - I never start of with a day of spotting, let alone the second day not requiring more than a pad. Not to mention, coming on so early!!

    I haven't got my hopes up either way for a positive or negative, like I said I would just roll with it, we're in the situation where we can but would have liked to be more settled into our new place. What do you all think??? I understand I can't do a preg test yet either until I would otherwise usually be due? And I know they say implantation spotting is light, but I have read that many others have like a period. I am normally a stresser but never does it play this much havoc with me - so I'm wondering was it those 4 active pills - but wouldn't the withdrawl bleed have been closer to then and would 4 have been enough for a withdrawl bleed?

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    So tell me.. what happened?
    Were u pregnant ?


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