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    We do ensure our kids eat all their dinner but not by force- we give them appropriate portions and it's actually very rare for them to not want to finish their meals, all three of the big ones have good appetites and eat an excellent variety. We just never really put up with the veggie refusal, as soon as it began with each of them we started veggie-loading their foods and telling them about it after

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergeron View Post
    my dr assured me that no child who can either open a fridge or has food sat in front if them daily will starve.
    He said they will try not to eat, but if food is around human instinct will make them eat it.

    5% of kids will!

    Mumma to two beautiful boys on the spectrum and one special little girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jontu View Post
    It's good to read the different perspectives.
    This is why I feel so conflicted about how hard to push the food issue.
    I remember as a kid having to finish my food before being allowed to leave the table. As an adult I still love foods from my childhood and consider myself to be not fussy and love my veggies. I do however have portion control problems.
    I guess if healthy foods are what is available and offered most of the time, then it should be a good start. From what lots of people say, most kids do get better with age, so fingers crossed.
    I really understand what you are saying and I agree that making too much of a battle ground is no good. My dd is very willful and won't try new things. I am absolutely not going to tie her to the chair until she finishes (like my grandma did to my dad), I just want her to eat some of the food that is served to her. Last night there was potato which she really likes, but she just wouldn't eat any of her dinner.

    I do a lot of hiding of vegetables in meals (thank you trusty food processor) but some nights she just decides she doesn't like bolognaise/lasagne/meat balls etc tonight.

    Quote Originally Posted by NoteToSelf View Post
    I don't think you are mean SPG....you need to turn things around and are being firm and have good boundaries in place.

    I agree that there is a huge difference between expecting kids to clear their plate and having expectations that children will eat what you eat.

    The rule in our house is `you eat until your tummy is full', I do not expect my kids to clear their plates. At the same time we never ever do dessert (there are no rewards for finishing dinner, it is just dinner, not a chore to be got through) and never ever cook separate meals. If they clear their plates and are still hungry they get more dinner dished up!

    There are some foods that the kids genuinely do not like (feta cheese and olives spring to mind) but generally they eat what is served, if they don't like a particular component of a meal, they can eat around it (we never comment on this).
    Well here's the funny thing: put a bowl of olives in front of this kid and she is in heaven.

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    Dinner was never a battle when I was growing up, if I didn't like it I didn't have to eat it, but there was nothing else until dinner was finished. I'm a good healthy eater now. So our kids are raised the same. DH was made to finish all his veggies and now forces down a few mouthfuls of salad and then goes to get maccas.


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