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    Default AF Advice Please!

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice in regards to delayed AF? It is now 4days overdue, and the only reason I can think of is stress due to losing a donor and having to find a new one. I keep telling myself not to think about it and just relax, but it seems every waking minute is spent thinking about trying to conceive our 2nd baby.

    Ordinarily I wouldn't worry that much about it, however we are due to inseminate during my next ovulation. At the moment I am not able to tell our new Donor when we will need his donation. I feel like i am letting everyone down as my partner and i have been working towards insem since the beginning of the year. I know i did ovulate this month as i had positive opk test, my BBT dipped and I had ovulation spotting the day before and day of O. Now i am unsure when or if I will ovulate again.

    I have a doctor's appt tomorrow to see if she has any advice, however I am assuming she will just tell me to wait it out. Perhaps i am being overly precious about this and should really calm down.

    Has anyone experienced this or am i being a bit of a drama queen? Please help.

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    I've just seen your thread. How you traveling KKMollie?? I've never had AF late when not on stimms so I'm no help to you I'm afraid


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