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    Default bottle aversion feeding difficulty

    hi there-im looking for some help and support. my 16 week old baby has feeding difficulty with bottle aversion. he started around 7 weeks with distress with the bottle-backarching turning head away and from side to side and squirming.sometimes from beginning of feed and thruout whole feed and sometimes towards end.we have been on losec for a month. he was hard to hold so i fed him in bouncer. he would keep sucking even with head away and arching so i kept the bottle up to him.we awere admitted to our local childrens hopsitallast week for assessment and they have put him on neocate as a trial but the feeding nurse told me that she thought his problem was behavioural. she gave me some advice re making feed better for him-holding him rather than feeding in bouncer as she thought he seemed "alone " in bouncer, when he arches she told me to remove bottle from his mouth and wait for his head to come back and mouth open and to talk more to him thruout feed to give him reassurance. so we came home after 24 hrs of neocate and he was taking small volumes but now he wont feed at all. he looks hungry i feed him 4-5 hrly and he takes a couple of sucks of the bottle then pulls off and cries, he will try again then do same and cry. i have found only way to feed him is to walk around and he seems distracted by things to look at and will suck. if i sit down again he back arches off again and cries. we were meant to have a speech therapy assessment when in hospital last week and one girl saw the end of a feed-we had pretty well finished and she just saw a demonstration of the backarching behaviour. and she also viewed a taping of a feed that the nurse took not taken close up. after discharge i was told that speech didnt think there needed to be any ongoing input and that a full assessment was done. which it wasnt but that was the response from the head of speech therapy after i requested a proper assessment after discharge. the treating team were directed by the feeding nurse who felt this was a behavioural issue and i feel ive been pigeonholed with this and that no further invesugations/tests will be done.thsi hopsital is the big kids one in out city. my gut tells me there is something wrong with my baby. i cant see that my behaviour has caused this. i may have pushed him a bit too much when younger to drink-but his cues were confusing as he still seemed to want to suck even with his weird behviour o the bottle. the feeding nurse said that he was disengaged with me with feeding and that represented a relationship breakdown between me and my baby. she suggested some infant mental health counselling may help establish why this was.this all seemed a bit way off.my family and i dont think i have any relationship issues with my baby, he is my second child. he has displayed distress with bottle and now aversion, i really think something is causing this but cant seem to get any help or support and i fear things are only going to get worse. could someone please help me.

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    It definitely sounds like something is still going on if he's still arching his back.

    My DS was exactly the same, and it took months of being on Losec before we got the dosage right. I still had to feed him almost upright.

    By that time he had developed a bottle aversion. We were under the specialist feeding team at the children's hospital later, and were told we wouldn't have been able to change any of the behaviours until he had gone onto solids. They said they would have advised minimising distractions where we could. As much as we tried though, we couldn't. I was in a bad place with PND, so did whatever I could just to get through the day.

    When DS started with solids he was fine initially, but it developed into a very severe feeding aversion. After months of therapy, he started eating normally and now I can't keep him away from food!

    You sound like you're doing everything possible to help your bub. Have you seen a paed?


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