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    Default Having a bad day vent

    Sorry long vent

    Ok woke up at 630 to find my DS had soaked through his nappy and all over his sheets. Stripped his bed and put him in bath, while DH left for airport another work trip.

    Got my DD out of bed and came downstairs to find my DS had been in the fridge and knocked out a basil and cashew nut dip the container smashed green lumpy dip all over my kitchen floor. Cleaned it up while DD screamed for her bottle.

    Had an app to get my DS haircut at 10 so started to get organised and pack all the stuff needed to take 2 babies out for the day, while doing 2 loads washing and putting dishwasher on, sterilising bottles etc. Of course this is the morning my DS decides he doesn't want to listen to a word I say? Ends in a tantrum in my backyard and time out this is at 8am neighbours definitely would of heard!!

    Get dressed do makeup only to drip foundation onto one of my fave white tops! Pretty sure it can't be fixed have sprayed and washed not coming out!!

    fight my DS to dress him then wrestle DD 8 months to get her dressed (she doesn't sit still!!) only to have her vomit all over her outfit!! Get clean clothes and redress/ wrestle her.

    Pick up the bags to find that hadn't closed a bottle properly now have a pool of water on my wooden kitchen table! Clean it up.

    Finally pack everyone and everything in the car to find my dumb car which is only 3 yrs old and had a new battery put in last month is completely dead!!! No lights no radio NOTHING!! Rang DH still on the plane of course!!

    FiL came over to fix it has jump started it and taking it back to battery place. Asked where DH nonna was as that is where FiL was when I called to be told she was having a bad week??

    continues to tell me she is upset because I have booked my DD christening on the same day as my DH cousin having baby shower. It was an accident on both sides. She doesn't know which one to go to and is not happy because I'm not christening DD in Catholic Church! I already knew it was an issue as she had complained to other family members and still carries on about my DS being done! I have Christian beliefs so do a different style of ceremony, I believe it's not about the church but comes from the parents hearts and being truly thankful for their child and acknowledging the Lord and asking for protection and love for their baby.

    My FiL told her to mind her own business and is 100% supportive of DH and I. Told her not to come, he said not to worry just tell her to go to the baby shower I'm not bothered, I then said but I am offended! But I won't cause a scene at the end of the day I feel it is her loss. Their family have MAJOR issues where nonna is concerned. Also have not told DH any of this yet and he will completely lose it when he finds out.

    Now sitting here and venting, I feel like crying and I'm normally a very strong person. Sorry for the long vent

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    Oh you poor poppet.
    All I thought of was:

    - Eww imagining cleaning up that mess, your poor thing
    - Why bother with make up just to go to the hairdresser, lol
    - Is your Dh Italian because my DS has a nonna too...yes, hard work at times!!!!!

    Hopefully your feeling better now

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    Thanks 2BlueBirds yes my DH is Italian and his extended family have way too many issues!! Most of them revolve around his Nonna I've never really been involved my DH and I aren't interested in any of their crap.

    TBH it's mostly the reason why for my DDs christening we are only having immediate family. However that is still 23 ppl!!! For my DS we did a big thing invited everyone but my DH is over all the crap so we are having a beautiful ceremony and lunch with immediate family.

    car update apparently nothing wrong with it!!! Just one of those things


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