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    Default Hi from 1st time user & poster

    I have often wanted to reach out and meet some other mummies with similar interests, issues and concerns as I. I am a mother of 1, a gorgeous 14mo baby boy.

    I have returned back to work (4 days pw) and finding I am not dealing with the "work-life balance" as well as I would like. I find myself feeling guilty in all aspects of my life (work, home) and constantly feel the pressure that I am not doing a good enough job.

    This has gotten me into a pretty dark place. I am now constantly tired, lacking motivation and not feeling in control at all. Just wanting to reach out on here and hope to chat to other mummies who have at one point or another felt this way. I don't have a large support network of mummies, I am the first in my family to have a child, first grandchild on both sides, no close friends with babies and am not close with my parents. Feeling pretty isolated and hoping to chat to push through this time and start to enjoy life again. I love my son, he is my world, which is why I guess I am ashamed that I am feeling useless and low. Hoping to make some new connections on here, and hopefully make some new friends

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    Hi hun! I sure do know exactly how you feel as I have been back at work (3 full days) for 9 months now and I struggle week by week still with coping with having to go there, and not be with my son (19.5 months) it kills me inside every week.

    I also don't have a lot of mummy friends....the ones I have have sadly become more acquaintances since i became a mother, as it seems my decision to BF my son for 9 months really rocked the boat and there is just a lot of competitiveness. I even got talked down to yesterday by one when i posted on my facebook saying how much my son loved his swimming lesson! Apparently I was making a big mistake by taking him swimming.... because she doesn't bother with hers, but the fact i do with mine irritated her. Just **** like that I can't tolerate so don't have much to do with them.

    So yeah, i know how it feels to feel isolated. And the depression of returning to work too. It's tough. Do you think the job itself could be causing you stress? I have now been able to connect a lot of my misery to the fact the job is horrible and stressful and it makes it hard for me to want to leave my son to go to that ****ty place.

    Starting up at the gym and eating really clean and well and getting right into fitness I will say has been an absolute life saver for me. I have noticed I have been managing my anxiety and stress levels a lot better.

    I just want to say you are far from useless!! You are a working mumma... its bloody hard! And just remember you are the complete world to your son. And don't ever forget that you are only human.

    I guess what helps me deal with leaving him to go to work is I focus on the positives... the fact he is socializing, and learning things from other children helps me feel better about leaving him there.

    Im sorry to hear you are not close with your family. I have only been back speaking to my mother again for the past year but I too have difficult time with my family.

    So yeah, don't feel alone. You're going through very common and normal things and I feel for you because i know first hand how tough it is for you as I have been/going through the same.
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