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    Default General anesthetic c-section

    It looks like I have to have a GA CS as I have chronic back problems in my lower spine & they can't perform epis through scar tissue. Has anyone had one before? Any advice & suggestions greatly appreciated

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    I have had two c sections under general anaesthetic because I have a shunt in my spine which means I can't have a epi or spinal. The first was emergency and second scheduled. The emergency was probably better recovery etc and bub was well. The scheduled I had a haemorrhage and bub had to be resuscitated. The first day was pretty hazy especially the first time around probably because I had been in labour for 24 hours before the c section. I was able to breast feed both in recovery still. My husband looked after them until I came round enough. I guess everyone's attitude to giving birth etc is different but my atitude was that as long as we both came out of the experience alive and kicking I didn't care how it happened. I knew the first time going into labour that I would not be able to have an epi so if I needed a c section it would under a general Mine were both done at a small local hospital by a gp. After that initial period the recovery is the same as for other c section patients.

    I wouldnt be be scared by a c section under a general except for the initial grogginess the rest of your recovery should be no different to an epi or spinal c section. Hope it goes well for you.

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    I've had an emergency c section under ga due to HELLP syndrome. I wasn't allowed an epi as I would have bleed into the spinal cavity & possibly ended up paralysed.

    This time it's still undecided if I can have a epi, I have chronic lower back problems as well. It's gotten worse since my first pregnancy.

    My c section went fine, I was really groggy & out of it for a couple of hours. I was in recovery for 2hrs whilst ds was in my room with dh. I had a morphine pump for the first 24hrs then the normal pain meds i took for my back. Recovery seemed normal.

    The thing that sticks out about the ga was the fact I didn't feel like I'd given birth. For a couple of days afterwards I'd put my hand on my belly as if to feel the baby move & then I'd realize there's no baby there he's in the crib next to me.


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