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I had Graves' disease from the age of 15. I was also on carbimazole and beta blockers. The carbimazole finally brought my levels within the normal range after about 2 years, and then I got really sick and my levels went all put of whack and I stopped responding to treatment. Long story short, I eventually had a thyroidectomy and never looked back. I was 20 when I had my thyroid out and I had been sick for so long.. And after my body recovered from the surgery I had hardly any trouble getting my levels under control on thyroxine. When DH and I started TTC I thought for sure that we would have trouble - a huge part of why I wanted the thyroidectomy - but we fell naturally in our first cycle! I was 22. We now have a healthy 16 month old DS. I definitely don't miss my thyroid good luck with your us!!
Wow, you were so young. So glad it's all worked out for you. What a journey!