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    Default How to entertain a 12 month old on a plane?

    Im taking a flight with my little one all on my own (no dh)
    The flight is 9 hours.

    What can I do to entertain her?

    Im trying to collect lots and lots of ideas of stuff on the plane!
    Its a day flight so I wont be counting on her sleeping much except for a short nap!

    She does not walk yet. Crawls heaps and stands with assistance.
    She does not pay much attention to TV or Ipads or anything like that.

    I have purchased her own seat so we have a bit more room.

    Any advice and ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Will be interested to know how you went with the flight. We just bought flights to singapore (8hrs) and had to get overnight flights as I couldnt imagine being on a day flight. My bubs the same age as yours as crawls/pulls up heaps but no walking yet.

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    I've flown with my daughter quite a few times overseas since she was 12 weeks. Most recent though was in October she was 15 months - my usual entertainment for flight is portable DVD player with some of her Fav shows, books,drawing/colour and fav toy at the time etc and lots of snacks.

    Lucky for me she usually sleeps several hours on the plane, for me she has naps still during the day, so depending on when we fly she doesn't nap until we on the plane. I usually have a bottle ready no matter what time of flight, helps with ears 100%.

    My LO has had bad experiences too where she has screamed top of lungs for solid 20 mins whiles on board due to not taking a bottle or dummy when we took off and her ears must of been paining she would not stop screaming..

    They are my tips but I guess each bubba is different etc

    But best of luck x

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    If she's going to cry, theres not much you can do. Try not to get too stressed abouy upsetting other passengers!

    In terms of entertainment, snacks, hanging toys you can clip on to the seat, crayons, books, a torch (this kept mine busy for aaaages), chew toys, lots of snacks, a purse full of old cards, drink bottle with glitter / sequins in to play with, play peek a boo with a blanket, walk up and down the isle. Put some toys away now or buy some new ones and dont pull them out until you are on the plane. Make sure you have q change of clothes for yourself on the plane too, just incase!!

    Good luck. I found that most of the time flying was pretty easy. We did have afew flights where all ds did was cry... the whole time... but like I said before, there's not really alot you can do if nothing is taking their interest.

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