Hi there,

Can you please share your experience with Mitcham or Knox Private. I need to decide between these two.

I had a tour at Mitcham which looks all fine a bit outdated though. I haven't visited Knox yet but know that they have renovated maternity area (and all with double beds while only 1/3 had double beds at Mitcham). More than the bed I want the hospital which listens to your need, gives a medically correct advise and where care is at best than just five star rooms.

- Hows their care during labour and after birth.
- How the midwife support there.
- Hows their care for the new born babies. Which has best special care nursery (SCN) facilities? (I don't know if any of them have NICU for babies).
- Which one has the best breastfeeding support and rate/success.
- Attention to your concerns

Also not sure if there is going to be less out of pocket costs for any of the hospitals; may be due to more 'No Gap' facilities or specialists?

When you share your exp, can you also share the year you were there.

Thanks in advance.