I'm pregnant with #2.
My DS will be 23months old when #2 is due.
With #1 I had a 34hr induced labour, pushed for 2 hours and then had vacuum and forceps delivery.
Ended up being knocked out for 5 hours straight after delivery to repair a 4th degree tear and a large internal hole.
So pretty nasty permanent damage, spent the next 3 days in bed and couldn't move while my son was separated from me so I didn't get the bonding experience at all or to see him due to negligence so quite traumatic.
Pregnant with #2 15 months later, I am worried about the birth and I don't know if I am allowed to birth vaginally again or even if it's an option I should be looking at. Currently I have a prolapse so already have issues going to the toilet I don't know if another vaginal birth will make things worse or if I can have a safe birth again.
Anyone else experience similar problems and a successful vaginal birth afterwards?

Mummy of DS born July 2012

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