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I'm a bit of a book hoarder and I buy them. Something about a book shelf full of books makes me happy.
You can get then pretty cheaply from secondhand book stores

DH always says to me, why don't you just get ebooks or one of these ereader things. I was horrified! I love holding a book.

Finished the story teller last night. Surpringsingly I sort of guessed the ending which is unusual as her books usually have a twist that you never see coming .

DH(31)+ Me(25)=
DS (09/12/09)
DS (04/02/13)
Hoping for #3 soon!
I love her books and have them all too, I particularly love the way she picks a controversial subject and writes about each side so touchingly that you find yourself completely empathising with the side that at a glance you would normally reject out of hand - such as 19 minutes I wept for that boy and his mother all the way through. I normally re read books but can't read it again as my heart would be broken all over again.