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    Default readiness signs

    Can anyone help me work out what is going on with Ds, nearly 2.5. When he was about 2, he started telling us before he needed to do a poo, and seemed to get a couple of mins warning. Or he would tell us after he had gone. Because the weather was turning cold, and he also seemed to have no idea when doing a wee, I postponed TT. But I did start him sitting on the potty before a bath. In that first month he did several poos and wees on the potty, and although I have praised copiously when it happened, he has slowly stopped doing anything in the potty (although happy to sit there if being read to). He also v rarely tells us when needing to poo - just does it and seems unbothered.
    I'm a bit worried I've missed the prime opportunity to TT him - would really like to do it this summer before the weather turns cold again. Otherwise he will be 3.5 before we get started. But is it worth even trying if he seemingly has no idea when he is going or that he has gone? And that's for poos - Im convinced he has no clue for wees.
    Should I just aim for sometime late summer (we will go on holiday in Jan so that would seem a good time, after we get back) and hope he is more ready then, or do you think it is worth a few days now of trying him in undies and trying it out, perhaps with sticker chart etc... He is very verbal, so the issue is definitely not him not being able to tell me - it's more awareness or perhaps not being bothered by it I think.

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    dd's signs were - intrested in the whole toilet caper, wanting to flush, hold toilet paper, watch. This wat at about 20ish mths.
    Not keeping a nappy on was a big one.
    able to pull her pants down by herself and put them on again, by herself.
    Announcing when she did a wee or poo in her nappy.
    wanting to be changed straight away after poo
    nappy leaking - at 2 yrs old every nappy leaked. i found out it was because she was holding on longer and so when she did wee, it flooded the nappy.
    at 2.5yrs we did 3 days of intense tt. no nappies at all, except night time. straight into undies. (i gave a time frame of 2 weeks and if she didnt get it, i would give it a break and try again later). she got it straight away. i spent about a mth reminding her to wee/poo every 30mins-1hr. i can count on one hand her accidents.
    she goes to the toilet or potty (i have both set up so she can decide) by herself. has never come to me about it unless we are out.

    as for your ds i would bring back constsistant rewards and praise everytime he does something on the potty/toilet. even if you start by giving him a sticker or whatever for just sitting there before a bath. sounds like he liked being rewarded for his efforts.
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