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    Good on you for refusing to allow him back home! It's great that you're standing up for yourself and letting him know you won't take that kind of behaviour.

    It sounds like you know what you want to do with the pregnancy. If your DH decides to walk away that's his problem. It certainly sounds like the marriage is in need of serious help regardless of what you decide to do.

    I know everyone has said he's terrible, but there must be some good qualities there too - I hope he can get some help to deal with his issues and become that better person. It's wise to make him do that alone before allowing him back, so I think you're handling it really well despite how stressful it must be for you!

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    I'm wondering if it's possible to restrict a credit card so that it can only be used for purchases and not for cash advances. Could be a good idea.
    Just editing to add that I don't have a gambling issue but I managed to unintentionally impose this on myself by not bothering to learn my pin number so that I can't use my CC at an atm or get cash out at eftpos.
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    TBG, I am thankful that there has been a reason to get him out of the house while you do some thinking. Have you ever googled emotional abuse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThighsBeGone View Post
    Good morning.

    Just thought I'd pop in for an update. My idiot husband went out to watch the footy at the pub last night. I gave him some money and took his key card and off he went (he has a gambling problem so never allowed to take more than a hundred when he goes out)
    A couple of hours to by, I'm enjoying the quiet time at home watching Minions(Despicable Me) with DD3 and suddenly I remember that DH had his credit card on Thursday to pay the remainder of his truck. I jump up and run to the freezer and check, nope my card is there his isn't (frozen in a bowl of water mean we can't randomly spend)

    Heart sinking I check the bank $200 missing. Call him and he "Im so sorry babe. It's in my pocket I'm not going to use it. Ill be home in an hour" Blah Blah Blah
    Stupid me believes him so an hour goes by and I call again but now his phone off.
    Check bank again another $500 gone. What the F&@k
    I dropped DD3 at the sister in laws and drive to the pub (DD1 and DD2 are staying at their friends places thank God) I walk in and took his wallet and walked out again. He followed and we had a huge arguement in the car. I left him at the sister in law (his brother and wife) took the baby and came home.

    Spent the night texting each other because I refuse to pick up the phone and talk to him. I'm just so mad that I didn't want to listen to his **** or say things I may regret. For now he is staying at his brothers. He says he will go to GA and marriage counselling but until he makes the effort I'm not letting him home because he'll do nothing and things will never get better.
    Today I'm taking him his car and uniforms for work for the week.

    Baby wise I've done nothing but think about and I'm more leaning towards keeping but I have to use my head to make the decision as well as my heart. Tomorrow I'm going to call the local Family Planning and get some counselling for myself.

    ow is everything been going? I hope your okay and got into some counselling

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