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    Whoa so you have to drive for 3 hours?! That's ridiculous, but I hope she is totally worth it for you. (the doc I mean!)

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    Sorry I haven't popped by to update.
    A lot has happened.
    Good and bad.

    The dr we seen was excellent!
    She asked a lot of questions, we were there for ages.
    Due to a family history the doctor just wanted to rule out some things.
    Dd has always had constipation, it started since birth and has progressively gotten worse, especially after her allergic reaction so the doctor wants to see if there is a medical cause for this, or if it's just a fear for her.
    So dd had an X-Ray, blood test, stool sample, and urine sample done.
    We go in tomorrow to get the results as the stool sample took ages for me to get hence the delay

    The dr found a clinic closer to home, which we got into quick and they have been a huge help.
    In both explaining the fear side of not wanting to poo and any medical reasons.
    We are still working with them until we get all these test results back.
    They have also managed to get answers from dd that I haven't been able to.
    Dd says she wants to poo but can't, she said her tummy hurts bad every time she finishes eating.
    Due to this we are booked in to go back to our allergy specialist to see if there is any other food intolerances or allergies.
    We have a strong family history for celiac disease on both sides and after speaking with the specialist on the phone he wants to run a test mainly for that if dd is saying her tummy is sore each time she eats food and few other signs the people at the clinic and the dr noticed.

    the clinic told us to balance out her diet more and lay off the fibre a bit.
    They said I might be giving to much.

    Dd was not any worse, but not any better. She did a poo Sunday morning with no issues, it was very hard like normal but big, but then an hour later
    we had to go to the hospital as dd was in horrible pain.
    She couldn't even stand straight and had vomiting that (tmi) smelt horrible with a few streaks of bloody mucous.
    We didn't wait for long as they suspected appendix, but they felt around and said it was constipation with fecal vomiting.. they did an ultrasound and said everything was fine though and they wanted to do an enema that cleaned her bowel out, I declined as she did a poo that morning, a big one, and according to the ultrasound her bowel was empty and i didn't think that was the issue, they weren't really listening to me either.
    So we were sent home and told for her to rest she couldn't freakin rest as she was in huge amounts of bloody pain! When we left the hospital we couldn't even sit her up straight to get her into her car seat she had screams that broke me, it was horrible.

    So we drove to the private hospital (we don't have private health, luckily we had some savings!!!) and had her looked at there.
    They did another ultrasound which showed her intestines were badly inflamed, they couldn't see a blockage, just inflammation in areas mainly towards the end of her digestive tract.
    Her bowel was empty.
    We stayed there for hours, they gave her some pain killers so she would sleep and some liquid drinks to calm down the inflammation in her intestines.
    We were sent home with a bland borderline liquid diet for her, and the liquid stuff that coats her intestines.
    she has been better.
    The pead we seen at the private hospital called me first thing Monday morning to tell me he called our GP and dd's allergy specialist to tell them what happened and his findings.

    Which brings us to what's going on now.
    We have an appointment with our GP tomorrow for the results for the tests she did.
    Dh is driving past our allergy specialist tomorrow (he is coming back from working away so going past that way) to pick up the pathology sheets so we can take dd locally to get her allergy tests done, then we go in Friday next week to see him for the results.
    Our GP has said if the test results she took come back fine tomorrow than she wants to send dd to our new pead (the one we seen on Sunday at the private hospital) for a barium enema, where they put a dye into her colon, bowel and small intestines and do an X-Ray, any pockets, blockages and inflammation will show up a lot more clearly that an ultrasound.
    the clinic is calling me on Friday to see how we get on and we will go from there.
    I spoke to the pead on the phone yesterday and he seems to think its either celiac disease or this other condition where the intestines don't produce enzymes that break food matter down enough so by the time it reaches the bowels it's solid and un digested, usually you are born with it but symptoms don't become sever enough until around 4 years of age, usually when the diet becomes larger intakes of solid food, it's common in boys apparently but rare in girls.
    It's common for the intestines to become inflamed when food passes through that can't be fully digested and the plumbing so to speak struggles to pass it all down along the way to the bowels.
    He also agrees with the idea of her possibly being celiac.
    We will know hopefully when all these tests are done!
    Surprisingly dd has been great for all these tests.
    She won't let me or dh near her tummy, bum or anything but drs, nurses and all the rest of them she is all happy and full of smiles for them. I'm happy she doesn't get scared or upset by it all.

    We were still on movicole, but told to switch to OsmoLax, which is the same thing, same active ingredients but the clinic said it's a bit more gentle on the digestive tract.
    Dd has been on it since Monday, it's seems to be going good.
    It's cheaper and I like that it's in a tub and you can give adult doses and children's doses so I have been giving her 1 adult dose and 1 child dose (recommended by the clinic) I found 2 adult dosses made her gassy... But the 1 and 1/2 seems to be working ok.
    She has been pooing better, they are still on the hard side but at least they are coming out now.

    Sorry for the long post.
    I'm hoping everything is fine, but at the same time her inflamed intestines on Sunday has me so worried and hoping we can find out exactly what is causing this because I never want to see her in that much pain again

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    I hope you get some answers next appt.

    Sent from my telecommunications device.

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    How did you go today at your GP?

    DH 37 + me 33 = DS1 March 2010 & DS2 July 2013


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