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    Default Last nights big adventure

    So we went out camping this weekend. All was going well we spent Friday night and all day Saturday out fishing, swimming etc. Saturday night miss DD got really sick (still is) hugely high temps,shivering,power vomiting & explosive number 2s. Well that was is it was time to head home. We timed our leaving at around 10pm as low was midnight ( where we were camping is totally only accessible during low tide) and high was again at 6am.

    Well we packed up, all buckled in drive maybe a km down and around the beach and hit mangroves didn't we. We got stuck. Bogged nearly (and I mean with only centimetres to spare) right down to the bottom of the underbelly of the 4x4. We tried winching out, digging out, reversing, gunning it. Yep it wasn't budging. This mud/clay/ sandy bog mix wasn't letting up. We tried for nearly 3 hours to get ourselves out

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    Our winch snapped. Digging wasn't helping. Stick branches kindve wedged under the tyres to help get it out wasn't working. The tide was starting to come back in. We had two things left to try, call emergency services and if that failed grabbing the kids the dogs whatever water we could carry and walk over 10ks just to get at least to the highway and leave the car for the ocean.

    Within 45 mins if calling we had a police 4x4 and 6 other 4x4s the police had recruited along the way.

    I got DS out if the car and an officer got DD out. Just incase the snatch strap broke and became a missile. The poor police man got power vomited on, bless him though he was not fazed at all. He helped clean her off & kept telling he she was ok and that she was beautiful!

    After about 30 mins we were free! We were so great full and thanked everyone heaps. We all convoyed the rest of the way to the highway.

    Not somewhere we will ever be going again.

    Reaffirmed there are still some amazing helpful kind hearted people out there.
    To the blokes that pulled us out and to the police who not only came To our rescue, recruited people to help and to the officer who was such a sweetheart to my sick little princess, massive thanks again.

    No point to telling anyone this but to share that there is still hope, there are still amazing people in this world.
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    Awww what a lovely ending

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