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    I had about 2 sucks on the gas but it ****ed me off so I stopped before it did anything. I asked for an epidural but DS was born before they got a chance to give it to me.
    Make sure your support person knows what you want and how to support you properly. Biggest issue for me was I didn't want the epidural. I told my partner that no matter what I said during labour I didn't want an epidural, yet when I asked for it DF straight away was like "ok", even though I told him plenty of times before I went into labour that if I asked for pain relief I wanted him to talk me through it and support me to not have it.
    Lucky for me it was over before we got to it but I was already disappointed in my birth so I can't imagine how I would have felt if I had the epidural

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    The type of induction and length of labour will influence how a woman reacts and her need for pain relief.

    An induced labour that involves breaking your waters, and no further intervention (such as the syntocinon drip) is quite different to a labour that includes every induction method available.

    To the OP question, i had labour induced/augmented with waters broken, syntocinon drip for 12 hours and managed with only gas with baby born posterior position.

    I see this is an old post. OP, how did your labour go?

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    I had syntocin administered after waters broke with no sign of contractions starting.

    My labour was a total of three hours from the start of true contractions, 30 mins after the drip was connected.

    I started off with a heat pack on my back (where all the pain was), quickly moved to the shower and then into the birthing suite bath as the water in the bath could run hotter than the shower (the shower had a safety mech to stop you burning yourself).

    At around 2 hours and 15 mins I thought 'nup, there goes my plans for a drug free labour, I CANNOT do this for another 8 hours!' thinking that I still had ages to go because it was my first.

    I asked for an internal more to get the ball rolling on an epi (I personally would choose that over peth) but was 10 cm when she checked and the bit that I thought was just contractions was actually transition and my body pushing baby's head through cervix!

    I found the pain reduced significantly when in the second stage, I had much longer breaks between contractions and even dozed off a little when i wasn't pushing.

    The worst bit of syntocin is that when it is too high your contractions don't have a break in between - if you find this happening, ask them to turn it down a little.

    I also didn't even think of the gas when I was in labour - I probably could have used it toward the end of the first stage.

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