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    Gosh you'd think they were paying for the milk or something. The trouble with long term breast feeding is it seems to make other people feel guilty. it's like going on a diet and lossing weight, there's always someone who wants to offer you a chocolate biscuit. Best response is "not sure. But the world health organisation suggest feeding until 2 years. I'll see how go."

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    I've been getting pressure to stop breast feeding since dd was 6 months and now she's 8 months its becoming louder and louder "omg you're still breast feeding? Well good on you... When are you going to stop?" Passive aggressive types.
    I had always thought I would of stopped by now but I surprisingly enjoy it and now hope to go through until at least 12 months and bypass formula all together

    My dd really has given me no choice as she refused to take a bottle of ebm or formula when on the very rare occasion I have been out

    I'm lucky though to have 12 months off work though, i did plan in stopping when i returned but now I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to be the bf advocate at work and be the first employee ever to demand pumping breaks and a private area despite working in a large female dominated workforce in aged care (nobody else has been game enough, pushing for a break will be the biggest hurdle as we are already time pressed to the max)

    The pressure to wean is relentless though, even though the recommendation is for at least 12 months

    Good on you for still breast feeding and working, and hopefully there is no cut off, it something that just occurs naturally when both you and bubs are ready I'm the same never thought I'd be such an advocate for breast feeding and the fact I'm still going and want to keep going lol
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    Good on you for continuing with what you want to do despite the pressure. It can be so hard to go against what's expected of you.

    My daughter has just turned 1, and thankfully I've never received any negative comments. I did have one friend (22 year old male) who was quite perplexed that she was still breastfeeding at 10 months, he genuinely had no idea that babies kept drinking milk past a couple of months

    Just stick to the WHO line (2 years minimum) as it usually shuts people up, and remember that there are plenty of other women in your position who are completely behind you whatever YOU choose to do!


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