DH and I have always discussed fostering, he would want it to be a permant/long term arrangement, I'm not as fussed but would hate to see kids go back to a potentially harmful environment. It's not something that's likely tk happen in the next few years as DS1 is 2, DS2 is due on December and (so far) we are planning on another 1-2 kids. I don't think I would want little kids around if we were to foster kids, prob when they are at school.

I guess I just want to know others experience of it, what's rewarding and challenging. Also any rules/requirements to foster. I looked at the fostering nsw but didn't get a huge amount of info. Is is ok to be working and the kids be in daycare or have a babysitters couple of days/week? Do they require their own room? What's the differnce between permanent fostering and adoption?