In a way yes. When DD was born I tried and tried to breast feed because that is what my MIL kept telling me to do, but then my Mum who was a angel and stayed with us for a little bit after DD was born saw how tired I was and asked if I had any milk come through and I checked and sure enough there was none so DH went and got some formula. For the longest time afterwards MIL would have little digs about me just 'giving in' and made me feel like the worst mother. When DS1 was born I didn't produce again but it wouldn't of matter due to his being prem with digestive problems he needed a special medical formula and when DS2 was born I once again I tired but failed to produce but the difference in how I felt with feeding DS's formula compared to DD was completely different because I didn't have MIL in my ear telling me how horrible I was. So to answer the op I think if MIL wasn't involved when DD was born I would of made the switch sooner so yes in a way she did influence my decision