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    Quote Originally Posted by ZachysMum View Post
    We were told similar in our pre natal classes, its okay if you don't feel movement for an hour cause the baby will sleep but any longer we were told to call the hospital.
    My midwife said to drink a glass of ice cold water if you didn't get movement after that then get straight on the phone to the hospital.

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    An hour? Babies in utero sleep for up to 14 hrs a day. Everyday without fail I dont feel bubs for hours at a time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilicious View Post
    I was going to say something similar - we were told very clearly at our pre natal classes that it is a myth that babies slow down/stop moving just before birth and to always call if you are worried. I'm sure everything is absolutely fine but it never hurts to check.

    DS2 gave me a scare at 36w, it wasn't a hassle at all for the midwives to see me and check that everything was fine.
    Yep, I agree. The ice water trick is often effective.
    There was a chart I had some hospitals do for movements, and you mark them down. I think it was based around 4 hr periods? I'd imagine there would be something similar via Dr google.

    Do get checked if you feel different. I have an irritable cervix, so felt constant movement. At 37 wks 6 days, movements slowed. Then I felt none for 3 hrs, which for me was too long. Five minutes later I started bleeding heavily, and an ambulance was called. DS was born via emergency c-sec 1 hr later, and was on a respirator for some time.
    I'm not trying to scare you (sorry!) but go by your instincts. I reckon that no matter how much we all differ on how much we felt/didn't feel movement, go by what YOU feel. If you don't feel right, your hospital will be more than happy to check you out

    Good luck with your upcoming labour!

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    My baby went still and I went to hospital. On way to hospital I got ale thing to eat. By the time I parked , got to monitoring area spoke to midwife he was kicking up a storm . I hadn't eaten , was doing to much and needed a good feed.
    Anytime they are quiet for too long do something to wake them up and if nothing go to hospital.

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    Spoke to mw today re this. Was told ice cold drink, especially sweet like apple juice, then lay down on left side. Count each movement individually, hopefully 10 in 2 hours.

    Still worried? Go in, only takes 15 mins on ctg to make sure bubs is fine!

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