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    Default refusing most food?? need tips.

    Hi There,

    My DD is now 14 months and over the last month has started to refuse most food/meals that she has previously eaten for the past 6/7 months. She was a great eater happy to try new things etc. Now all she will eat is sultanas, corn on the cob,rock melon, Vegemite sandwich and yoghurt.

    Before she would eat a huge range of different meals, just like our family meals.

    I know its not teeth as when i sit down to feed her- she looks in the bowl and if it's not yoghurt she just keeps her mouth shut. I have offered for her to feed herself but makes no different- and she will happily let me feed her yoghurt.

    She isn't waking overnight or having extra milk so i guess she isn't hungry from lacking her bigger meals.

    It is getting very frustrating!!

    Any tips would be great- hoping this is just a phase and i will keep offering and hope she just starts taking it again.


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    Does she have any formular?? If so, cut that out. Is she still having bottles/sippy cups with milk? if so, cut that out too!
    Just keep offering her food (dont let HER dictate what shes eats). Serve up the family meal, if she doesnt eat it, dont worry. Toddlers only eat when they're hungry. Trust me, she will eat if shes hungry!!!

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    Sounds to me like normal fussiness that most toddlers go through, as part of their developing independence. My DS also ate whatever I gave him as a baby but began to refuse certain meals as a young toddler. Its just normal at this age. If you keep offering the foods, as well as putting other things on the plate you know will be eaten (for example, he doesn't like peas but you also put carrots and mashed potato that he does like) and don't make a big fuss about it, but also stay firm and continue to give the foods as part of meals then eventually most will be accepted again. I am quite clear with my toddler that we all eat the same meals as a family and I don't cook different meals for people. As long as there isn't a true dislike of course or an allergy! If he doesn't eat it, or only has a little bit, that's fine we do not force him but he knows there is no alternative and no dessert.

    Just stick with it, and don't worry

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    Yes I agree with the previous person, just keep offering the variety and don't sweat it if your bub keeps refusing. Both of mine did this at the same age. I fretted a lot with my first child, but I've relaxed about it so much more with my second. She's 21 months and still saying no to nearly everything. Yet, when I weigh her, she's still growing steadily. I think I made matters worse with my first by letting her see how frustrated and worried I was getting. Looks like your little one is still having a variety from the food groups. All this stuff (behaviour etc) comes and goes I've noticed.


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