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    Default What is controlled Crying

    I only have a 4 week old so this whole world is new to me but what is cc and why do you need it / when do you use it?
    I think I'm lucky I have a very relaxed bub who doesn't really cry and sleeps well. Just wondering if that changes as they get older? Why did you take it up?

    I'm not having a go ( kind of reads that way sorry) just naive to it all and hoping I've got a good baby but educating myself if it is likely to change

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    Ds was 6 months when i did it as he was waking up far too much during the night and i decided he needed to be taught self settling and DD was the same, 6 months..
    They both were bottle fed from 7 days of age and fed 4 hourly but not fed through the night once they reached 6 months and if they woke, they were left alone to cry and self settle..

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    Cc can take many forms but the purpose is to let your baby learn to soothe themselves without mummy/daddy. I found the troublesome tots site (google it) had a wealth of information on the two main types- Ferber (check in on them at increasing intervals) and weissbluth/ CIO extinction ie just let them cry. Both have their pros and cons and some babies are more suited to one way or the other.

    I'm glad your bubs seems relaxed and happy, I remember the first 6 weeks were hell lol! My bubs slept great for a little while but hit 4 months and it deteriorated rapidly.

    It is important to note if you were to go down the cc path that baby is at least 4 months (same say 6 months) as bubs is aware of cause and effect and can learn to self soothe at this stage, and also that you are completely commited to what you are doing- if you back out halfway through all you have done is taught your baby to cry harder and longer than before.

    I was obsessed with sleep and bought so many books trying to teach my LO good habits so we didn't have to resort to it, but at 6 months of never sleeping longer than 3 hours I realised that she was not going to figure it out on her own.

    Best thing I ever did but each to their own. It is a very contentious issue and some feel very strongly about it.
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